About MINIMO

MINIMO is a collection of vintage-inspired pieces that accessorize your personal style today.  MINIMO  supplies high quality, elegant, eye-catching items at a fair price.  


Who designs the MINIMO pieces?


Rainy Leonor-Lake, the founder of MINIMO, is the creator of the MINIMO look -- elegant, tailored, and adaptable to your personal  identity.  Rainy believes in quality and simplicity in fashion, and that each person’s look should reflect their identity. 


From a young age, Rainy has preferred to go thrift shopping, rather than set foot in a chain store.  And when shopping for statement pieces in online boutiques, she has been routinely disappointed by the low quality and the repetitive appearance of the products. 

Instead of giving up and succumbing to fast fashion, Rainy decided to create to please herself, her friends, and anyone who is looking for accessory pieces that will last and will help the wearer stand out with composure.


For your peace of mind . . . 

Rest assured that all MINIMO items are ethically sourced and made in partnership with smaller manufacturers.  

MINIMO -- everyday elegance.

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